SourceForge appears to be down again, and this is their “status dashboard”, hosted on the same apex domain, and actually redirected to the archive of a blog category: WTF.

Even doesn’t work on stock IE 8 with comes with Win 7 SP1, so you can’t even download a roll-up update there without installing another browser. Funny isn’t it.

Holy shit, there’s no frigging way to save a web page or a text file in Microsoft Edge? This is just crazy. Glad I’m not a Windows user. (I was trying to test a Python application within a Windows VM; had to download a gist.)

AirPods first impressions

Finally got my AirPods today (technically yesterday). Onboarding experience: 90/100. My phone, running iOS 11 GM, prompted me as soon as I opened the AirPods case the first time, and with the tap of a button I’m connected, and the AirPods were immediately recognized by all my devices. The ten points were taken for the complexity of switching between devices; having to

  • keep the volume button in the menu bar (or bring up full blown System Preferences each time) on the Mac;
  • do a swipe (to bring up Control Center), a long/force touch (to bring up the Music subcontrol), a tap (to bring up the output devices menu) and another tap (to select AirPods) on iOS

are not that satisfactory. I guess there might be an easier way; I just haven’t looked into it yet.

By the way, I experienced some weirdness as I write, after I opened Sound preferences on my Mac. No issues previously while I was just listening.

In the old days Apple used parallax pretty tastefully on their website. Nowadays they abuse parallax so much, their pages are as annoying as ones designed by idiots fresh out of (advanced?) boot camps.