AirPods first impressions

Finally got my AirPods today (technically yesterday). Onboarding experience: 90/100. My phone, running iOS 11 GM, prompted me as soon as I opened the AirPods case the first time, and with the tap of a button I’m connected, and the AirPods were immediately recognized by all my devices. The ten points were taken for the complexity of switching between devices; having to

  • keep the volume button in the menu bar (or bring up full blown System Preferences each time) on the Mac;
  • do a swipe (to bring up Control Center), a long/force touch (to bring up the Music subcontrol), a tap (to bring up the output devices menu) and another tap (to select AirPods) on iOS

are not that satisfactory. I guess there might be an easier way; I just haven’t looked into it yet.

By the way, I experienced some weirdness as I write, after I opened Sound preferences on my Mac. No issues previously while I was just listening.